Writers Workshop 1

Today I am linking up with Mama Kat and her amazing Writers Workshop. This is my first one, so be nice!

I choose writers prompt #2 “6 Random Facts about Myself”

1. When I was younger I was seriously a crazy cat lady. NO KIDDING.  I had numerous pictures of cats on my walls, a cat bedspread, cat figurines, a “I ❤ CATS” sign and wooden cat “shadows”  I tried to find some pictures to prove my point. 2 Hours later this is all I came up with, so you’ll just have to trust me!

Notice the cat calendar, the stuffed animal holder – filled with cats, the candy cane picture you can’t quite see – yep, a cat.


Yes, aren’t my two little brothers adorable? Well look close – they are laying on my “Cat Comforter” and of course there are 2 real cats on the bed as well.


I didn’t just love cats – I loved our cocker spaniel “Kelly” too! She was the sweetest dog!  Well by this time I was in high-school and had calmed down on my crazy cat loving by then – but you can still see the creepy cat pillow behind the dog, the curtains that matched my bedspread, and the stuffed kitty in the pink swing – ok so I was TRYING to recover from being the crazy cat lady! scan0009

Don’t I look grand? This was for my senior “Valentine Banquet” at our church – but I want you to notice the cat “shadows” above my closet….yeah….told you!


2. I used to raise and milk goats growing up. I didn’t mind it most days, except when they would kick the bucket over while milking! I loved when the babies were born. They were so sweet!




3. In 7th or 8th grade my mom had my older sister and I make our own Easter Dress. (I’m the one in the pink and white in the back row)  What you don’t see is that along the waistline I put black lace.  That dress was SO itchy and SO uncomfortable. But I loved my headpiece. I thought I looked amazing.  Confession: I was trying to mimic my aunts wedding veil from the 80’s.


4. When I was little I was supposed to be getting into the bath tub, but the glitter nail polish was sitting on the sink!!  I thought anything that looked THAT pretty on your nails MUST look that pretty on my lips!  Boys and girls – don’t try this at home!! IT HURTS! There is a reason that we don’t put nail polish on our lips!  I ran out of the bathroom (half naked) and my mom had to clean my lips off with polish remover, I think that hurt even worse!

5. I was more “mature” during my high school years than I was during my “college” years due to the crazy homeschooling cult we were raised in.  I actually “rebelled” by heading off to Bible College!  I’m just a little sinner aren’t I!

6. My husband proposed to me by the pond in his backyard. I attacked him with a hug and didn’t even look at the ring. He was scared the ring was going to go flying into the pond.

Well there you have it! 6 things I’m sure you didn’t know about me!

Make it a GRATE Day!