Furnishing a House

When I married my husband we didn’t really ever discuss buying furniture. He had a pretty nice couch (which isn’t my taste AT ALL, but it’s comfy), I had a horrible smelly couch – obviously his couch won.  He had end tables and a coffee table (again, not my taste, and they were big and clunky) – mine were bought at Big Lots (before they started carrying nicer furniture) and were in pretty bad shape – I think I ended up just throwing them away, I didn’t even move them from my last apartment. Needless to say – most of his stuff “won” over mine because it was nicer.

The only thing we ever had a “discussion” over was our kitchen table.

So when I was living in Missouri someone at the church that I was attending gave me this beautiful table – I LOVED it – can I say it again, I LOVED it.  The detailing on it was gorgeous.  It was by far one of the most comfortable tables I had ever sat at.

old table 1

old table 2


This is actually a picture of it set up in my apartment that I lived in from spring 2004-Spring 2006old table 4

It was actually bigger than the pictures make it out to seem.

So I move to Michigan and meet this amazing guy and fall in love and get engaged and we both have pretty nice tables.  And he hates my table, and I felt just about the same towards his table:



I just felt his was pretty generic – everyone I knew had a table like that. It seemed a little “old” for us – I mean come on we were in our 20’s!  We went back and forth on the issue for quite a while and finally he came up with a compromise (since we found out that his table pedestal was cracked on 1 side) that I get rid of mine and after the wedding we would get a new table.  I was good with that and found a new home for my lovely table.

4 moves,  3 more cracks in the pedestal, and almost 6 years later we finally bought a table! YAY!!  Looking back, I’m actually really glad we didn’t keep my table – because as much as I loved it, it’s really not the style that Brian and I together like.  It took us a while to come up with a style that we really wanted to go with in our home.  Brian really likes the light oak, more country feel to a house. I like a dark wood, hard wood floors and slightly more modern.  It’s really been just over the last year or two that we’ve come up with our style, and honestly I have no clue what to call it!  Rustic/romantic/shabby, I don’t know!

So our table was delivered over the weekend, and well it’s GORGEOUS.  I found this place called The Rustic Oar in McKinney Texas that will build the table the exact way you want it, stain it the color you want and even provide a place to get chairs if you need them.  We are SO happy that we choose to go with them. The table looks amazing and is exactly the style that I wanted.

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Pinterest Project Complete 1

I am not a great decorator. I never have been but could only hope that one day I will be!  Well I saw this idea on Pinterest before we moved to Texas and had planned to make it once we got here…..5 months later I did!  I had found a site that had free printables of each state – sadly they shut their site down. So I turned to Etsy! I found a great shop called Olive and Birch who will create beautiful pictures of the states in any color or design that you want!  And their price was great!  I would use them again in a heartbeat!

Olive and Birch emailed me the pictures within 24 hours and I was able to print them off at my local Target store.  The next step was to find frames.  I had originally thought I was going to go with a white frame with a white mat.  I went to Hobby Lobby with my friend Stacey to look for frames and I didn’t find a white one that I loved. Thankfully Stacey pointed out a wooden frame that I fell in LOVE with – and I got them all for 50% off – whoo hoo!

I knew that I wanted a saying or something to hang at the top of the frames. I originally thought about getting an old board plank with the saying “home is where your heart is” or “Home is where you’re husband is” but couldn’t find a thing. So I started looking at the vinyl lettering that you can put on your walls and found one that I really liked it says “Take my heart and walk through this world with me”

So on Sunday Brian and I got the chance to put them up on the wall – personally I think it looks amazing, I love it!








We hung this in the front hall, by our front door – so I couldn’t get a straight on picture…oh well.

We also hung a saying in our bedroom – and while I LOVE the saying, I think it still needs some work….any ideas? (please forgive the lack of the bed being made – laundry day!)  It just seems a little I don’t know….blah?



What projects have you completed from Pinterest?

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