Fall Apart, Melt In Your Mouth…..RIBS!

When I was little I remember making the decision to NEVER eat ribs again. They were SUPER messy and very hard to eat. You had to chew on bones to get the meat off….all around it was a horrible horrible mess and something I just never wanted to do again.  I was probably about 5-7 years old at the time. I kept that promise until the year 2013 when ribs went on sale at our local grocery store.  Now you have to know that my husband very much enjoys ribs, but I had never made them for him, and had no plans to ever do so.  But for some odd reason, and knowing they were on sale for an amazing price, I bought some.  I brought them home and put them in the freezer, because I had NO CLUE what to do with them!

A few weeks later I came across a recipe that looked easy enough so I thawed the ribs out.  They take about 4 hours of low slow cooking so my house smelled AMAZING all afternoon and I couldn’t wait until Brian got home for dinner.   I took these out of the oven and they basically fell apart as I tried to lift them from the foil lined pan to a dinner plate. I didn’t know ribs could be so moist and that the meat could fall off the bones like it did.  TOTAL GAME CHANGER for me!  I was now a HUGE fan of RIBS!

So now I’m sharing that amazing recipe with you!!


I didn’t change anything with the recipe except I used Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ Sauce instead of making my own.  Trust me, you will WANT to try this, and SOON!  The only direction that I didn’t follow was to remove the membrane from the back of the ribs. I have no clue what the membrane is or what it looked like, so it stayed.  Brian couldn’t tell the difference – so I guess we’re ok!

I made up 2 batches at once:


I loved mixing up my spices. I know exactly what’s going into that rub and I can change it if I want to!




I like using a fork to mix the spices and the brown sugar together. But you could place it all in a sealed container or a plastic bag with a zipper and shake it up if you want to.




Here is the trick – LINE THAT PAN WITH FOIL! And LOTS of it! The foil will catch all the drippings and hopefully leave you with a pan that’s pretty easy to clean up.  When you go to cover the ribs with foil later on – you will again want to use a bunch of foil to keep that moisture in the meat – just plan on using a whole roll of foil, I won’t tell.





Rub that seasoning into the ribs, you want a nice coat!



This time I covered the ribs the entire time – I won’t do that next time. Follow the original recipe – it’s amazing!



This is at the half way mark – don’t they look amazing?  Resist the urge to lick them right now. Wait, it will be worth it.



The final product! YUM!




Look at how that bone just fell right out of the meat…this is how ribs should look!



I did use a flipper to get my husbands portion to his plate.




These are the clean bones. No meat left on them, no work at getting the meat off of them, it simply FALLS OFF!


I really do hope you go and try this recipe – it’s amazing and you will NOT be sorry!  Just remember – DO NOT OVER COOK THEM!

Make it a GRATE day!



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