Our Baby Journey…..Part 5

Here you can read  Part One, Part Two, Part Three, and Part Four.

WARNING: If you are easily grossed out or uneasy hearing about “female” stuff stop reading here and come back another day!

So before we moved to Texas I knew that I needed to find a new doctor. I had been seeing a Reproductive Endocrinologist back in Iowa, and while I liked her – she wasn’t a “Fertility Specialist.” She ran her office more like an OBGYN office than a Specialist office – and that was ok for Iowa. But I knew I needed something different this time. I also knew that being closer to Dallas was a plus because they were going to have more options than I had where we were in Iowa.  So I started searching the web. I put in “Fertility Doctor Frisco Texas” (which is the closest big city to us)  And an office popped up. The first one.  Dallas IVF.  They had a location within a 20 minute drive of our house. They had fantastic result numbers in helping couples get pregnant. At the time I was searching it was pretty late in the day so I decided to use their “contact us” form and send them an email, not really thinking that I would hear back from them anytime soon.

The next morning the DOCTOR, not the nurse the DOCTOR, called me and told me she could see me the NEXT day. I was shocked and a little in awe. I had to explain to her that we weren’t moving for another few weeks, but I would love to get an appointment to see her when we did move.

We moved the last week of November,  got the keys to our house on November 29th, our stuff arrived that weekend and I had an appointment with the Doctor on December 4th.  I remember that day pretty clearly. I was rushing around the house trying to find clothes to wear, and then find shoes to wear – there were boxes EVERYWHERE.  Oh the joys of moving!

We arrived at the Doctors office, Yes, WE. Brian has thankfully been a HUGE supporter to me during this process and tries to go to every appointment with me if at all possible.  We ended up waiting 45 minutes before seeing the doctor.  We were both a little on edge because of the wait – but found out that she was running late because she was with another patient running some tests or something.  So she starts asking the regular questions: how long have you been trying, what methods have you used etc…  She was FLOORED that we had been through SO MANY Clomid cycles with the previous doctor – and that the doctor had allowed it to happen.  She heard that I have PCOS and without even thinking she said “PCOS, no problem, I can get you pregnant. PCOS is an easy fix” The first glimmer of HOPE that we had seen in a VERY LONG TIME.   So she discussed the options we had before us, and put us on a plan.  She wanted to re-run a few tests to see my uterus and my Fallopian tubes for herself, which was fine by me.  So we left the appointment feeling GREAT, knowing that she was the doctor for us and had a plan that when my next cycle started we would start with some testing.

Of course my cycle decided to wait until RIGHT before we left for our Christmas holiday trip to start so we had to wait for the NEXT cycle to do any testing.

End of January 2013:

YAY, my cycle FINALLY started! I know, most infertile couples wouldn’t be jumping up and down with joy for the start of a cycle. It’s usually a very sad and painful way to say “Look, you’ve failed again, you’re not pregnant.” But this time I was excited, knowing that we were getting this ball rolling.  I called up the office and made an appointment for another HSG Dye Test (This is the test that they put a blue dye into the Fallopian tubes to see any blockage or problems.)  My doctor wasn’t available to do the test that day so another doctor in the clinic did the test.  It seemed to me that they had a specialized x-ray machine that is JUST for this test, it wasn’t the regular x-ray table that you see at the hospital.  So the doctor put the dye into my tubes,  and yes this causes a fair amount of pain, almost immediately he says “Wow, your tubes look fantastic!”  I half sat up and said “WHAT?”  Because remember one of the doctors in Iowa wanted to cut the tubes out because they were “bad.”  He assured me by showing me the dye on the x-ray machine, it was flowing freely through  both tubes.  I was SHOCKED to say the least.  I was SO very happy that we hadn’t listed to the previous doctor and went ahead and had my tubes removed.  SO happy that we listened to our gut and sought out additional advise. Finally, some good news in this long process!

Look for part 6 coming soon!

Please take a second and view this video – and then share it.  It will give you an entirely new perspective on people going through infertility – You may have someone you know that is going through this journey alone and heartbroken, 1 in 8 couples struggle with infertility.

Make it a GRATE day!



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5 thoughts on “Our Baby Journey…..Part 5

  1. Wow Christy! What a journey! Jim and I will come to a point one day when we want to start trying and I am definitely going to be nervous because of what happened last time but God is good and will never ever leave us in times of trouble!

    • Yes, God is Good! He’s a BIG God that can work miracles when there seems to be no other way 🙂 Praying for you guys as you start this amazing journey of marriage together!!

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