A Song to Touch the Soul

Musical Monday….
Have you ever had a song that just moved you? It made you think, it made you dream, it touched your soul? Well if you haven’t figured me out by now music sometimes speaks to me more than a preacher giving a message, more than reading a book or listening to someone give advise.   Well I’m not going to say that this following video did anything more than touch my soul – and give me goosebumps….but it’s fantastic!

I think I first saw this video back in 2009 or 2010 and well….each and every time I watch it I get goosebumps up and down my body. The arrangement is just gorgeous. I told my husband that if I had heard this song before our wedding that it would have been incorporated somehow – someway into the ceremony.

Well I just saw this video this past weekend and once again just a beautiful arrangement that touches your soul. Yes, it’s the same piano player in both videos if you’re wondering.

What’s a song that just moves you?

Make it a GRATE Day!


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