Our Baby Journey…..Part 4

You can read Part One, Part Two or Part Three if you’d like to….

If you get offended easily or grossed out – please skip this post and stop reading now.

July 2011

We officially did our first round of Clomid (I only had the prescription for 2 months at this point)  Of course I always seem to start my cycles right before or when we travel – this of course was the case. Of course when you travel your entire schedule goes out the window because you have friends that want to see you, you’re tired from exploring all day, you have a wedding etc… it just goes out the window. If you know anything about Clomid you know you’re supposed to take it during certain days of your cycle and then you’re supposed to have sex on other days of your cycle.  So the days we are supposed to have sex are of course our busiest days.  I remember one night I was so tired and just wanted to sleep, but I knew we needed to have sex, and Brian wanted to go down to the bar and see his college buddies. So I told him lets do a “wham, bam, thank you ma’am” and he could leave and I could stay – of course DURING his college buddy comes and knocks on the door….thankfully he left and didn’t keep knocking and we were able to finish……can we saw AWKWARD!! oh my…

Well needless to say that round of Clomid didn’t work.

September 2011

I finally heard about another doctor in our area and called to get an appointment with her – I couldn’t get in until December….alright, I will wait.

December 2011

Finally got in to see Doctor #3 – she was wonderful.  She sat and listened to me, she listened to Brian and wanted to see if she could help us.  She also did another ultrasound and didn’t think that we needed to have my Fallopian tubes removed, and she wanted to do an HSG dye test to see if my tubes were clear.

March 2012

We finally got the HSG test scheduled. Again, because of my crazy cycles it took us a while.  After the test she said she thought she unblocked the left tube, but she couldn’t get the dye to even go through the right tube, and that it was probably blocked. So our chances of getting pregnant were VERY slim, but not impossible.

During this time I found out that I needed to have surgery on my ear so from April 2012 – June 2012 we had to use protection so that we wouldn’t get pregnant.

July 2012 – November 2012

We did a round of clomid each month – none of them working, each one they gave me a higher dose, and the crazier I became. My emotions were on a roller coaster. I was happy one second, depressed and sad the next. Even threatening to throw my cat outside and get rid of her – and if you know me, that’s not something that I would ever do!  And don’t even get me started on the hot flashes!

Then in November we moved to Texas.

Watch for Part 5 coming soon!

Make it a GRATE Day!



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