Strawberry Shortcake….my mom’s way…..sort of

Growing up one of my favorite desserts was Strawberry Shortcake. I loved the strawberries and the sweet red juice all soaked into a biscuit…..wait, you’ve never had strawberry shortcake with a BISCUIT?  Can I tell you a secret? I didn’t know strawberry shortcake was anything different until I went to college – only then did I find out that people use pound cake or angel food cake as a base and then they top it with whipped cream….oh my.  So since we had an over abundance of biscuits left over from the biscuits and gravy I made the other day I decided to make up some strawberry shortcake.  Obviously this is such a simple dessert, but one that is just delicious!  Since my mom’s shortcake was a little different – I thought I would share how she used to make it – along with my additions!


1. Slice strawberries – or just chunk them in half


2. Sweeten with sugar (my mom didn’t do this!) I usually use 1/4-1/2 cup of sugar – depending on how many strawberries I am using.


3. Smash your strawberries – you can use a potato masher, but I love to use my Mix n’ Chop – you want to smash them until there is a bunch of juice and the strawberries are smaller chunks.


4. At this point you can use them, but I like to let them sit for a few hours in the fridge.

5. When ready to use break up some biscuits in a bowl (for a great biscuit recipe click here!)


Pour some strawberries over the biscuits


And top with whipped cream (something my mom didn’t do!)




Yes, yes, I know – simple. But sometimes I think we need to remember that everything we put on the table doesn’t need to be hours upon hours of  hard work in order to taste good.

What’s your favorite easy dessert?

Make it a GRATE day!



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