Biscuits and Gravy

A few years ago my very good friend Priscilla taught me how to make home made gravy. Once you’ve learned how to make this gravy, you will never go back to buying the packet stuff at the store – let alone be able to eat the packet stuff from the store.  Bonus, it’s super easy!  This past Sunday it was our Small Group’s turn to bring breakfast for our class at church. My husband had been telling me that I really needed to bring my biscuits and gravy – so I decided that this would be a great time to do so.  If it looks like I was cooking for an army…..I was, and I loved every moment of it!

What you will need before you get cooking:

A large skillet or frying pan. I like this 12 inch Skillet.

Depending on what type of pan you have, you will want a good whisk – since I cook with a non-stick skillet I use  a Silicone Whisk  that is PERFECT for gravy – it’s a flat whisk so you’re able to get everything off the bottom of the pan without burning it – LOVE IT!  The silicone will also protect your pan from being scraped up by a regular wire whisk.

Milk or Heavy Whipping Cream

Flour – I use an all purpose flour.

Sausage or Bacon grease ( I prefer Sausage mixed in with my gravy, so that’s usually what I end up using, but bacon grease works just as good)


Colander and a bowl that it fits in.

Wooden Spoon


1. Start by browning your sausage  – again I LOVE using my Mix n’ Chop to brown my sausage and break it up.  Once it’s done, I place it in a colander with a bowl under it – I let it sit for a few minutes, stir it a few times, and let it sit for maybe another 2-3 minutes. Just enough to get the grease out of the meat.


2. Pour the grease back into your skillet.  Cook over medium-high heat until the grease starts to bubble.  Add in 1-2 large dinner/soup spoons of flour – and whisk it around until it’s all mixed in with the grease.  I actually like to let this cook out a little bit – I find that the gravy doesn’t have a strong “flour” taste when I do this.  (the following picture is a pretty bad picture of this process….but it sort of works to show you what I mean)



People always ask me what medium-high heat looks like. Well on my stove it looks like this (between 7-8) but it could look different on your stove. You will just have to play with it.


3. Add in your milk – usually around 2-3 cups, it all depends on how many people you’re cooking for. And let’s face it, everyone loves a extra gravy!


4. STIR, and stir some more.  Don’t quit stirring. You will notice that the milk will start to thicken and a gravy will begin to form. Usually within 5-8 minutes. If it takes longer than 10 minutes you will want to add some more flour – maybe a spoon full, not too much. I usually add some pepper to the gravy at this point – I did 25 turns on my pepper grinder for this pan – you will want to adjust to your tastes. I don’t ever add salt to my gravy. You never know if the sausage is going to be salty or not.  People can always add salt later on if needed.


5. Once you have your gravy to the right thickness, remove from heat.  I then add in my sausage and stir around – you will notice it becomes more of a “chunky” gravy – so remember this before adding more flour in step 4.  Since I was taking this gravy on the road – I mixed the gravy and sausage in a large bowl – but I usually just do it in my skillet.




So I know you’re asking – what about the biscuits? Well I will let you in on a little secret. Pillsbury makes some amazing biscuits! When making this meal for my husband and I, I usually just use the canned biscuits. But since I was cooking 100+ biscuits I went to Costco and purchased the frozen bagged ones and they were still great.





BUT if you want a good drop biscuit recipe here you go:

Drop Biscuits:

2 cups all purpose flour

1 tbsp sugar

3 tsp baking powder

1 tsp salt

1/2 cup shortening

1 cup milk

1. Heat oven to 450′

2. In a medium bowl, mix flour, sugar, baking powder and salt – this is an important step, don’t skip it! If you skip it you have the chance of eating a bite full of baking powder, and let me tell you – it’s gross!

3. Cut in shortening, using pastry blender – or pulling 2 table knives through ingredients in opposite directions – until mixture looks like fine crumbs.

4. Stir in milk

5. Drop on a greased cookie sheet by spoonful into 12 biscuits about 2 inches apart.  My mom used to drop them into a greased muffin tin as well

6. Bake 10-12 minutes or until golden brown. Immediately remove from cookie sheet, serve warm.

(Biscuit recipe found in the Betty Crocker Cookbook Bridal Edition)

Make it a GRATE day!






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