Blessed Be His Name?

Last Sunday our church sang this song.

It’s always been a harder song for me to sing due to my mom passing away much sooner than “I” would have liked her to. But it hit me pretty hard as we sang the bridge:

“He gives and takes away, He gives and takes away. My heart will choose to say, Lord blessed be His name….”

And I began to think, and cry, and wonder – Will I, can I, really say that MY HEART will choose to Bless the Lord if he chooses NOT to give me children of my own? Will I still love Him more than anything? Will I still serve Him? Will I still Bless His Name?


Because even though this is a journey that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. A journey that isn’t “fair” for any couple to go through – let alone easy. I will still Love him. I will still serve Him. I will still Praise Him. Because without Him, I am nothing. Without Him I wouldn’t have hope. Without Him I know I would never see my momma again.   Let’s not forget that He is my only way into Heaven. 

So Yes, it will not be easy, but my heart will STILL choose to say….Blessed Be The Name Of The Lord.

Make it a GRATE day!



One thought on “Blessed Be His Name?

  1. Bless you and this road you are traveling. I know it’s a road you don’t want to be on, and I’m praying God will bless you with many children. In the meantime keeps praising and praying, ((hugs))

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